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Stronghorse is a web design firm that uses WordPress. It is the world’s leading content management system for web design. It is very user-friendly and gives you the ability to make simple changes to your own website, so you do not have to know code! This will save you money! But we also offer ongoing support, updates, maintenance and training for the more complicated changes and additions.

What our web design firm will do for you

We have been creating websites for over 25 years. The prices are very reasonable, and we work with businesses of all sizes. Our company is always upfront, honest and reliable. 

Custom Designed Responsive, Fast Loading and Secure websites. 

All of our websites are custom designed from scratch. We do not use templates, like a lot of companies do. 

Our web design firm builds Responsive Websites so it will provide a good user experience. Responsive means that it has the ability to adapt the layout and view properly on computers, tablets, and smartphones. Google has stated that mobile friendly is a ranking factor when web pages are indexed.

Websites must load fast and have a security certificate so it will be protected against hackers. Google uses both of these as criteria for ranking web pages on its index.

Check out the latest Web Design projects. A website for a commercial photographer and an e-commerce website for an art store.

Shown below are some previous website projects by Stronghorse Design.

Our web design firm created Strides website

We Provide a Full Range of Design & Marketing Services.

Requirements for a Good Website

Your website should function as a key component in the marketing of your business. It only can though, if it is properly built and designed.

It is extremely important to have it built by individuals who have the necessary knowledge and skills to do it. Since the inception of the internet in the early 90s, website design and development have evolved tremendously.

Google was not even around in the beginning. Now it practically dictates every facet of web design and development. Since it is the main search engine of choice, everybody must abide by its guidelines and best practices. If not, your website will be very difficult to find in their index.

There are substantially more design and development considerations today than 25 years ago. The internet has gone from static html websites to complex content management systems.

Content management systems such as WordPress, do make it easy for non-technical people to make text and image changes. However, they are a lot more time-consuming and difficult to set up than the old static html website. 

WordPress is a dynamic environment, it operates on PHP and utilizes MySQL databases. It uses 4 languages, PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript. Themes and page builders can be used to assist with the design aspect of it. There are thousands of plugins developed by third parties that you can use to extend functionality. 

For instance, if your website needs to book appointments online, you could use a plugin for that particular feature.   

Our web design firm only uses plugins that are absolutely necessary. Installing too many of them can slow down the performance and lead to other technical issues down the road.

WordPress Website Design

It must not only be aesthetically pleasing but functional. The design must reflect your brand. The fonts, colours and images have to be carefully chosen for the internet medium. If not, you may make it difficult to read or communicate the wrong message to your target audience. Everything serves a purpose.

It has to be a responsive design. Most studies reveal that at least 50% of visitors are using mobile devices to view websites. Therefore, it needs to be responsive, so it will adapt to the layout and display properly for these devices.


If you are planning to do digital marketing, you will need have strategically placed calls to action (CTAs) and sign up forms. Websites must be built with conversions in mind. They have to be properly designed and implemented.

User Experience

When designing a website, you must consider the user experience. This is the experience a person has while viewing your website. It will often make or break your entire online marketing efforts. 

Examples would be slow loading websites, poor navigation that make it difficult to find information, bad font or colour choices that makes it hard to read or popups that happen as soon as you land on a page. These types of things only encourage people to leave.

Not only is it a bad user experience, Google will not rank your web pages well with these kinds of problems. They are all ranking factors that Google uses when they crawl your website periodically.

Some web design agencies miss the mark when it comes to user experience. They are so enthralled with the features it can have but totally forget about the user experience. An animation on your front page that takes 10 seconds to load will send people to the back button very quickly.

Google Analytics

It is now essential to set up Google analytics and search console to your website. It can reveal all of the details of how people are finding your website to how long they stay on it. It will tell you what technology they are using to access your website and which pages they are visiting. 

All incredibly valuable marketing information. By using it, you can tell what is working and what is not.  

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

With the incredible amount of content on the internet, it is extremely important to do SEO for your website. At a very minimum, our web design firm always recommends that you should do On-Page SEO. 

This involves doing keyword research to find phrases to use on your web pages. Once they are found, each web page needs to be optimized with them. 

The bottom line is, if you have a website, there has to be a way for people to find it. 

Your website needs to have a good internal linking structure. This is important because Googlebot will crawl your website and it uses the links to try to understand the structure. If the structure is poor, Google will not rank it high in the index.    


Having a security system on your WordPress website is now a must. With every website we create, a security system is installed and activated to protect against hackers.

As a further measure, we obtain an SSL security certificate. It not only encrypts your website but Google recommends it. Having one is used as a ranking factor. 


A website requires a lot of thought and informed decisions have to be made before you start. It is a mistake to just create a website and leave it sit. 

You must update it with fresh content periodically. There needs to ongoing maintenance too. Newer versions of WordPress, plugins, themes and page builders happen all the time. It is important because it can make your website vulnerable without running the latest versions. 

SEO efforts need to be monitored and improvements made on your pages every so often. 

At Stronghorse, our website design firm can help you with the design process and planning. We also can do all of the necessary updates and maintenance. 

With over 25 years experience, we have the proper expertise to guide you and create a website that is optimized to get results. 


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