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We have been an SEO company in Halifax since 2011. Search engine optimization is an ongoing process and it constantly changes over time. We keep up on all the latest developments in order to provide our clients the most effective strategies. If your website pages are not showing up on the first page of Google search results, you don’t have much chance of getting organic traffic to your website.

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We truly want to help your business succeed with our expertise in online marketing. Your success is a testament to our ability. We always use SEO best practices and adhere to strict guidelines. Some companies use black hat tactics that will get you to the top quickly but only to be later penalized by Google. This results in your website being kicked out of the Google index altogether.

We would rather build long term relationships with clients and do it the right way. We are very transparent and provide monthly reports detailing our activities and analytics to show you the progress to date.   

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How long does it take to rank on the first page of Google?

It depends on a lot of factors. The biggest, however, is how much competition you have for the keyword phrase that you are competing for. The domain authority, page rank and number of backlinks of your competition on the first page of Google. And how relevant the content is on your webpage, compared to the content of your competition.

 We have seen web pages rank on the first page of Google in as little as 3 or 4 days. Other times it can take up to 5 or 6 months.

One thing to remember is that once you get to the first page and even the number one spot, SEO should not stop. Your competition will have to be monitored and adjustments made in order to keep your position.

 Your competitors are trying to be the first spot too. Google bots crawl your website on a regular basis because they are constantly looking for the best content to be on the first page. If they find much better content and better optimized web pages, they will move them to the top position. The goal is to always have the highest quality content.

We always start with a website audit in order to identify what issues may be holding your pages back from being ranked. If you have a fairly new website, it can be a bit more challenging and generally take longer. We have developed strategies to help you compete with a much larger more authoritative websites. Get started today, send an email or fill out the form form for a quote.

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Understanding SEO

SEO can assume many forms. Most people in business appreciate the importance of SEO but do not have an in-depth knowledge of it. It can be confusing to business owners when they talk to people who perform SEO.

On-Page SEO

Any SEO that takes place directly on your website is referred to as on-page SEO. Listed below are the most common methods.

Keyword Research

This involves optimizing pages of your website with specific search terms. These terms are referred to as “keyword phrases” in the SEO profession.

Keyword research is performed to find the phrases to use. They have to be actual phrases that people are typing into Google, when searching for a product or service.

For it to be worth the effort, these phrases must contain adequate search volume per month. You must determine if your website has a legitimate chance, using these phrases, to beat the competition that currently resides on the first page of Google.

There are various methods to confirm if you have a chance to get on the first page. Checking the domain authority, page rank and the number of backlinks of your competition is typically a reliable indicator.

Technical SEO

It is also part of on-page SEO. It involves making improvements to the technical aspects of your website so that Google can easily crawl and understand your website.

Google has about 200 ranking factors when indexing webpages. Some of these include things like page speed; website URL structure; being responsive, which is the ability to display properly on mobile devices; internal linking structure; duplicate content; structured data; content structure; having a security certificate (HTTPS) and links that lead to a 404 errors – which means, page not found.

So essentially, when these technical things are not fixed on your website, it produces a bad user experience. And it will not rank well with Google. It is critical to do a website audit to make sure you discover and resolve these issues asap.

Off-Page SEO

By definition, it is anything done off your website that affects its ranking on Google’s serps. According to Moz  “off-site SEO-related factors likely carry more than 50% of the ranking factor weight.” So, as you can see, it is equally important to work on off-page SEO. In simplistic terms, it tells Google what others think of your website.

Besides gaining a higher ranking from Google, your off-page-SEO strategy will help create brand awareness and boost engagement of your content. Increases in Social sharing does seem to have a positive effect on rankings.

Link building

One example would be link building or in other words, having relevant websites with a high domain authority, link to your website. This can signal to Google that you have important quality content. The more quality links you have, the better you will do in the rankings.

There are many strategies to acquire links. The best method is by creating the highest quality content on a subject. High ranking websites always link to the best content out there.

Content Creation and Distribution

Creating better content for your website and publishing frequent content for your blog has been a long time strategy in off-page SEO.

Content distribution has become as important or some argue, even more important than content creation. It is because of the massive amount of content created every single day on the internet. A strategy and plan needs to be developed for where you will share your content once it is created. 

Local SEO

If you have a local business, using local SEO should be a part of your overall off-page SEO strategy. It is extremely important to have local SEO done. This provides a very realistic chance to be on the first page of Google results. It creates opportunities for customers to generate outstanding reviews about your business. This adds to the trustworthiness and relevance of your online presence. 

Other good off-page SEO tactics include: Guest Posting, Social Bookmarking, Info Graphic embeds, Video and Podcast links. As long as they are done in Google friendly manner. 

Just knowing these basic concepts outlined above can alleviate stress and help you make an informed decision about getting SEO done to your website a little easier.

Do your Research

When researching SEO agencies near Halifax, you need to know the warning signs. When buying any product or service, it is up to the consumer to educate themselves a little before jumping in. Like any business, there are always a small percentage of companies that will try to take advantage of your lack of knowledge. 

Warning Signs – What to Look Out For

Some SEO companies try to game the system and use methods that will get your website penalized by Google. They are known as black hat techniques. If they suggest buying links or becoming part of a Private Blog Network, it is time to walk. Google wants you to earn your links from reputable websites, not buy them. 

Gone are the days where you could get away with buying links and producing poor thin content and still make it to the first page of Google. The Penguin algorithm change took care of that. It addressed the manipulation of search results and rankings through black hat link building techniques. If you acquire too many links, too quickly, Google sees it as an unnatural occurrence.

If they make 100% guarantees about getting you to the number one position very quickly or offer refunds, I would be very leery about them. In my opinion, it is impossible to make guarantees in SEO because there are too many factors that are way beyond your control. What worked last year or even month, may not any longer. This is all because of the very fluid nature of SEO. 

The Things that SEO Companies Should be Recommending and Doing

• Perform a website audit
• Start social channels — Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, 
• Improve site speed
• Keyword Research
• Optimize all site content
• Create a content marketing plan
• Start a blog and post on a regular basis
• Add more content to your pages
• Improve internal linking on your site
• Add alt tags to images
• Create a sitemap.xml
• Disavow spammy links

If they are recommending these type of things, you should be in good hands. Only work with the SEO agencies who use Google best practices. SEO companies should provide you with something that outlines the type of SEO they will do for you. And also give a price breakdown and a timeline of completion for each service. 

One thing to remember is that with all the Google algorithm changes over the years, it is very clear now that quality is what Google wants from your website. They reward websites that load fast, are easy to navigate and have the best content.

With our SEO company in Halifax, you can expect an upfront honest approach. We believe in quality and doing things the right way. Get in touch today and we will help with your SEO needs.

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