How to Create Buyer Personas for your Business

The purpose of this post is to give you a better understanding of Buyer Personas and their vital importance in content marketing. It will offer a comprehensive list of buyer persona questions. Also, it talks about various methods to get the answers to these questions. 

At the end of the day, you will be more confident in how to create buyer personas for your business.

What is a Buyer Persona?

A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your target market or an ideal customer. They are based on commonalities and not simply assumptions. They offer you real insights into buyers’ decisions. 

Buyer personas create a deeper understanding of your target audience. They are the driving force behind content creation. Having them will give you the ability to make extremely targeted content.

By creating buyer personas, you will gain valuable insights on their problems that they want solved. When you write content that speaks directly to them and solves their problems; you will greatly improve your chances of a conversion.

Always base the personas on real customers and qualified leads.

How to Research Buyer Personas

1. Survey Existing Customer Base
2. Customer Service Phone Survey
3. Survey your Leads

To research buyer personas, survey your existing customer base. Do this by phone or by inviting them to take an online survey.

Do not just talk to people who love your products or services. Speak to people who had a bad experience and find out what happened. There is a lot to learn from negative experiences too.

Reach out to your leads as well. Leads are the people who have shown an interest and have given their contact information on your lead generation forms but have not bought anything yet. You could create an online survey for them to fill out.

Put a pop up survey on your website or send one out through your email marketing service.

You may need to offer an incentive to entice them to take your survey. You will need to interview 4-5 people to create one buyer persona.

If you are just starting out and do not have customers, you could do some competitor research. With the many tools available, you can simply find out who their audience is.

Some companies use focus groups to help create buyer personas, however, it is costly.

Buyer Personas Questions

Details about the persona’s role.
Skills Required
Software or tools used
Do they have a supervisor?
Do employees report to them?

Personal Information:

Age Range
Income Range
Marital Status


Primary and secondary goals.
What is the persona responsible for?
To be successful, what has to happen?


Primary and secondary challenges to the success of the persona
What is your biggest challenge?

What do you do to meet your challenges?


What is the industry of your company?
How large is your company? (number of employees)

Watering Holes:

Do they belong to any social networks?
What blogs or magazines do they read?
How do they learn or acquire new skills for their job?
Example: How to Create Buyer Personas for your Business

Feel free to add any questions that you can think of too. When you get answers to these questions, you can write a story about your buyer persona. Go into as much detail as possible. This helps you get into the mindset of the persona.

Other Places you can get Data about your Customers

Data from Google Analytics. It can give Age, Gender and Interests reports.

Ask your customer service and sales team for information about your customers. They deal with them and know their objections, demeanor, and buzzwords.

Once you get the answers to the Watering Holes question above, you can monitor conversations on blogs and social networks and discover what questions they are asking. This represents a huge opportunity to write content that answers those questions.

Final Thoughts

When you have all of your data collected, look for commonalities in it. When you write your content, it is very important to use the language that your buyer persona would actually use. For example, an executive is not going to speak the same way as a university student does.

Hubspot has some templates that help to organize this process.

Make sure to use a photo of an actual person and give them a name when you create your buyer personas. This makes the whole process more real.

When you begin creating content based on your buyer personas, make sure that your website is properly optimized. You do not want to send them away prematurely after doing all this work.


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